How a Cybersecurity Awareness Program Can Empower Employees and Increase Security

In cybersecurity there is certainly awareness and training, but technology and policies are also in place to help manage risks, assist in prevention, and detect anomalies. However, the common and often easy initial access vector remains users.

How Do You Successfully Deliver Management Training in a Hybrid World?

Over the last year we have had hyper growth at Mitiga — we went from 20 employees in the beginning of 2021, to 75 today. This growth created a new layer of team leads, many of whom were promoted internally into management roles.

Rethinking zero-day vulnerabilities vs. one-days to increase readiness

Because zero-day vulnerabilities are announced before security researchers and software developers have a patch available, zero-day vulnerabilities pose a critical risk to organizations as criminals race to exploit them. Similarly, vulnerable systems are exposed until a patch is issued and applied.

How to NOT pay ransomware and live to tell the tale

Ransomware is out of control. So, what can organizations actually do to deal with this tidal wave of attacks? It’s time for organizations to ask themselves the question, “Are we ransomware ready?” And then think about what ransomware readiness really looks like.

When It Comes to Incident Response, It’s Time to Give Peacetime Value a Chance

There is an accepted notion in some corners of cybersecurity that maintains “there is no peacetime.” For many of us, that is a daunting premise — as it discounts extensive CISO efforts to extend multi-year investments in cybersecurity tools, innovation, and resources to address ongoing cyberattacks focused on business services transitioned to cloud and SaaS platforms.

Making Sense of Today’s Threat Detection and Response Buzzword Landscape

Today’s CISOs and their collective security teams may well find they have wide-ranging considerations to factor regarding both current and next-generation threat detection and response tool investments. How can they make sense of today's threat detection and response buzzword landscape?

Learn how ransomware attacks have changed - and how response needs to, too

Ransomware keeps hitting the news these days, filling headlines with stories about organizations struggling with disabled IT systems, inaccessible patient data, unavailable Wi-Fi, and general confusion. Today, organizations are facing an evolving threat, modern ransomware, also called double extortion ransomware.

Are You Ready for a Slack Breach? 5 Ways to Minimize Potential Impact

As Slack becomes a dominant part of the infrastructure in your organization, it will become a target for attacks and at some point, it is likely to be breached (just like any other technology that we use). The impact of that breach, however, depends on how we prepare for it, by limiting its potential propagation and allowing for fast response.

Real-World Cloud Attacks: Still Hitting the Fan!

Recent cloud-based attack headlines remain front-and-center in the cybersecurity community, adding to the relevance of analysis and guidance provided by Mitiga Co-Founder and CTO Ofer Maor in his recent BrightTALK Webcast, It's Getting Real & Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks.

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