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Cloud Incident Response starts before the compromise is detected

Get back to business as usual after an incident. FAST

Mitiga dramatically accelerates investigation, response, and time to recovery for cloud and hybrid environments, lowers the impact of cyber breaches, and optimizes cloud security incident readiness and resilience.

Zero-Cost IR
Mitiga’s shared responsibility approach to cloud incidents starts before the boom. This proactive investment in readiness, combined with advanced forensics data collection, lowers the impact of cyber breaches and optimizes an organization's incident response.

Mitiga Platform - What We Know

Here's what we do.

The Mitiga Platform proactively gathers data so our experts can immediately start incident investigation to quickly get you back to business as usual without additional costs
Fastest Time to Recovery

IR2 captures and enriches forensics data, using automation to accelerate investigation and find the answers to get back to business as usual.

Ongoing Visibility & Transparency

Continuous visibility and orchestration across people, teams, time, and 3rd party organizations allows rapid and accurate decision-making during a crisis.

Shared Responsibility Model

A commitment to improving cloud incident readiness helps your organization rapidly recover from an attack without incurring additional costs.

Immediate Forensics Investigation

With all of the required log data collected and ready, investigation begins as soon as an incident is reported. No need to waste time retrieving data, or worse risk not having it.


Insight and analysis into cloud incidents, threat research, and cybersecurity trends
Can vulnerabilities in on-prem resources reach my cloud environment?

What risk does this Zoho password manager vulnerability present, and could this on=prem vulnerability impact cloud environments as well?

Lacking readiness, massive breach may be a win for competitors

What seems clear now is that Twitch simply wasn’t ready for an attack. Twitch claims that this latest incident was “a result of a server configuration change that allowed improper access by an unauthorized third party.”

Patches are not enough for VMWare vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation vulns

If you are using either vCenter Server or Cloud Foundation, you must declare an emergency and treat it like you have already been compromised. These critical vulnerability disclosures do not offer a quick and easy patch, and patching alone is not enough.

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