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Mitiga IR2 Platform

Our platform enables us to offer our customers Unlimited IR support, with the world's best cloud forensics investigators at no additional cost.

Forensic Data Lake

Analyzing cloud forensics data for investigation

Storing forensics data from various clouds and SaaS

breach response readiness

Breach Response Readiness

Automated Breach Readiness Assessment

Forensic Data Readiness and validation of its completeness

Proactive forensics data acquisition

Automated Threat Hunt

Leveraging our Cloud Attack Scenario Library to constantly hunt for attacks in your cloud forensics data

automated thread hunt
Cloud Incident Response Management & Orchestration

Cloud Incident Response Management & Orchestration

Managing and orchestrating the breach response over our platform enables a near-real-time view of events to different stakeholders to bring situational awareness

Cloud Incident
Readiness & Response

Cloud Incident Response starts before the compromise is detected

The Cloud Incident
Response Company

Cloud Incident Response starts before the compromise is detected


Insight and analysis into cloud incidents, threat research, and cybersecurity trends
CircleCI Cybersecurity Incident Hunting Guide

In response to the recent CircleCI security incident, the Mitiga Research Team shares this technical guide to assist organizational threat hunting efforts.

If It Scares You, It Might Be Good to Try — Monorepo and Dynamically Configured CI

In this blog, Mitiga Devops Engineer Stav Ochakovski addresses our organizational monorepo shift and why it triggered a CI adjustment, as well.

Elastic IP Hijacking — A New Attack Vector in AWS

Mitiga Researchers found a new post-exploitation attack method, a novel way in AWS that may enable adversaries to hijack static public IP addresses for malicious purposes.