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Case Study

Mitiga Enhances ZoomInfo’s Cloud and SaaS Breach Readiness and Response

Learn why go-to-market platform leader ZoomInfo chooses Mitiga for cloud security.

Case Study

Mitiga Rapidly Investigates a Global Extortionware Attack for an FSI Customer

This global financial services provider is an IR2 subscriber that operates fully in the cloud. Following the report of an Okta breach, the company’s cybersecurity team had understandable concerns about the potential impacts.

Case Study

Mitiga Strengthens IR Capabilities for a Cloud-Native Company

A cloud-native services company possessed both innovative technology and a strong commitment to its customers that were helping it succeed and grow. In a crowded tech space, their future looked bright.

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Protecting Data and Access in Cloud Environments

When we're talking about this modern era now, what new challenges do you need to address that are different in terms of access, data, and identity that perhaps are different than things you might've had to think about a couple years back?


What Is Cloud Investigation? Cyber Terms Explained

Maybe before we dive deep into cloud investigation, let's talk about what is the cloud that we're referring to in cybersecurity? Because the cloud has different parts in your organization.


Mitiga — RSA Conference 2024 Innovation Sandbox

Each year, RSA Conference invites cybersecurity’s boldest new innovators to compete in RSAC Innovation Sandbox, a contest that puts the spotlight on startups with potentially game-changing ideas.

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Supercharging Your SOC Team’s Cloud Capabilities

Enterprise tech stacks have shifted. Architecture that used to be contained on premises, now is spread across multiple public clouds and literally hundreds of SaaS applications.


Are You Ready for a Breach in Your Organization's Slack

As Slack becomes a dominant part of the infrastructure in your organization, it will increasingly become a target for cyberattacks and at some point, it is likely to be breached — just like any other technology that we use.


Top Security Challenges of Cloud Environments

Cloud and SaaS have changed cybersecurity in some fundamental ways. To continue to strengthen your organization's security posture, it's important to understand the unique security challenges these environments create. Discover five of the most pressing issues facing cloud-driven enterprises today and get insights on how to grow your cloud resilience.

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