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Emergency Incident Response, Extortionware Case Study

This cloud-native financial services provider experienced an extortionware attack. The attackers, a known organized crime group, threatened to expose sensitive customer data if they were not paid a ransom in Bitcoin. The gang gathered and encrypted exposed files, and the attackers claimed that the client data they exfiltrated was private financial data.

Objective-Based Incident Management – Making Decisions Faster and with Confidence

During a critical incident, time is in short supply, and you need to make informed decisions quickly. But the facts are often elusive, and decisions are occasionally reduced all the way down to a risk-based-game of Jenga.

Cloud-native Financial Services Organization Case Study

A fully cloud-native financial organization, with solutions deployed via cloud services, has innovative technology and a strong commitment to customers. Ensuring that their services and customer data are secure is a priority for the organization.

Cloud Incident Response Infographic

Cloud incidents have been increasing in both frequency and complexity, and threat actors are shifting focus from on-premises systems to the cloud, particularly SaaS applications. Are you prepared for a critical incident in your cloud environment?

RSA Conference 2022

Join Mitiga at RSA Conference 2022 in Booth 4208, Moscone North Expo

An Easy Misconfiguration to Make: Hidden Dangers in the Cloud Control Plane

The biggest risk in cloud development is not recognizing the differences between cloud and traditional definitions of common architecture terms.

The real value of tabletop exercises (and how to pick the right one)

There can be multiple goals of a TTX, but a common goal is to review processes and procedures to identify gaps and dependencies in organizational response to an incident.

International Cybersecurity Software Company Threat Hunt

A worldwide cybersecurity software company had sensitive data exfiltrated in the past, and suspected the attacker regained persistency within their AWS environment. They called Mitiga to perform a threat hunt for any malicious activity.

International Software Company Incident Response

A software company on AWS infrastructure found a ransom note left in their MongoDB database. They contacted Mitiga to perform incident response for a data leak and ransomware.

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