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Objective-Based Incident Management – Making Decisions Faster and with Confidence

During a critical incident, time is in short supply, and you need to make informed decisions quickly. But the facts are often elusive, and decisions are occasionally reduced all the way down to a risk-based-game of Jenga.
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It's Getting Real & Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks

Cloud attacks are getting real and hitting the fan! In the past year we’ve led forensics investigations for some very interesting cloud incidents and are now ready to share them with the world. Watch this webinar with Ofer Maor, Mitiga CTO, to learn more.
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Threat Detection & Response Tools: What Do All Those IR Buzzwords Mean?

In this webinar, Ofer Maor, co-founder and CTO at Mitiga, will walk through terminology, technologies, and history of incident response and monitoring. Register now to join Ofer on August 30.
Panel Discussion

Practical Tips for Cloud Incident Response

Watch: Practical Tips for Cloud Incident Response with Ofer Maor, Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., David B. Cross, and Reet Kaur at CloudNativeDay 2022
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Good Foundations: Building & Implementing a Cloud Incident Response Strategy

The mass migration of business applications to the cloud over the last few years has caused an equally rapid rise in the number of cyberattacks — along with technologies designed to prevent them. Join this webinar to learn why incidents and responses are different in the cloud, what to look at and analyze to detect incidents, and more.
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Rethinking Incident Response for Today's Enterprises: Live at SANS CloudSecNext

Missed our session live from SANS CloudSecNext? Worry not, you can watch in-full here. The field of incident response was created when companies were mostly on-prem and the cyberattack landscape was more contained. Today's cloud and SaaS environments and the vast, dynamic attack surface they create have rendered the old retainer-based approach to IR obsolete. So, what should take its place? Watch this webinar for insights and recommendations from seasoned IR expert, Mitiga Co-founder and COO, Ariel Parnes.
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Disclosing Cyber Incidents: What the SEC Ruling Means for Enterprises

Ariel Parnes and Sean Micheal Kerner catch up on the recent SEC ruling, focused on the disclosure of cyber incidents, and unpick what this means for organisations.
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5 Ways Cloud Incident Response Is Different (& How to Get Ready)

Learn five ways cloud incident response is different and how a readiness approach can help you get back to business as usual fast

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