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How Okta Passwords Can Be Compromised: Uncovering a Risk to User Data

Mitiga's research team uncovered a data risk to Okta users due to passwords that can be present in logs. This article outlines the risk and attack method.

Samsung Next Invests In Mitiga, Brings Total Funding to $45M

Mitiga, the cloud and SaaS incident response leader, today announced the completion of a Series A Round bringing total funding to $45 million led by ClearSky Security, with participation from Samsung Next and existing investors Blackstone, Atlantic Bridge and DNX.

Mitiga Security Advisory: Insufficient Forensic Visibility in GCP Storage

As part of Mitiga’s continuous research into cloud attacks and forensics, we have been examining potential data exfiltration techniques in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and how to identify and investigate them. During this research, we discovered a significant forensic security deficiency in Google Cloud Storage that enables a threat actor to exfiltrate in a covert manner.

Google Cloud Platform Exfiltration: A Threat Hunting Guide

If you’re wondering if the cloud era is here, you need only look at the latest stats. 67% of enterprise infrastructure is now cloud-based and 94% of enterprises use cloud services.1 It’s no wonder that public clouds like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have become a new playground for threat actors. There is a lot to exploit.

Former Mandiant COO and President John Watters Joins Mitiga as Independent Board Member

Cybersecurity veteran brings 30+ years of cybersecurity experience, building companies and M&A, most recently selling to Google for $5.4B.

CircleCI Cybersecurity Incident Hunting Guide

In response to the recent CircleCI security incident, the Mitiga Research Team shares this technical guide to assist organizational threat hunting efforts.

If It Scares You, It Might Be Good to Try — Monorepo and Dynamically Configured CI

In this blog, Mitiga Devops Engineer Stav Ochakovski addresses our organizational monorepo shift and why it triggered a CI adjustment, as well.

Elastic IP Hijacking — A New Attack Vector in AWS

Mitiga Researchers found a new post-exploitation attack method, a novel way in AWS that may enable adversaries to hijack static public IP addresses for malicious purposes.

Ransomware Heads-Up: Family Isn’t the Only Holiday Gang In Town

In this blog, Mitiga Vice President of Consulting Services Rob Floodeen provides several recommendations on how cybersecurity teams can make it through the upcoming holiday season with reduced ransomware visitors.

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