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Ransomware Heads-Up: Family Isn’t the Only Holiday Gang In Town

In this blog, Mitiga Vice President of Consulting Services Rob Floodeen provides several recommendations on how cybersecurity teams can make it through the upcoming holiday season with reduced ransomware visitors.

Oops, I Leaked It Again — How Mitiga Found PII in Exposed Amazon RDS Snapshots

A recent Mitiga Research Team investigation found the well-regarded Amazon Relational Database Service is leaking PII via exposed RDS Snapshots.

Uber Cybersecurity Incident: Which Logs Do IR Teams Need to Focus On?

On September the 16th, Uber announced they experienced a major breach in their organization in which malicious actor was able to log in and take over multiple services and internal tools used at Uber. What are some of the logs that IR teams should be focusing on in their investigation?

Making Sense of Today’s Threat Detection and Response Buzzword Landscape

Today’s CISOs and their collective security teams may well find they have wide-ranging considerations to factor regarding both current and next-generation threat detection and response tool investments. How can they make sense of today's threat detection and response buzzword landscape?

Advisory: Persistent MFA Circumvention in an Advanced BEC Campaign on Microsoft 365 Targets

Mitiga investigated an attempted Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack. While the alertness of the involved parties prevented the fraud, the attack indicated that the attacker had access to sensitive information that could only be obtained by compromising a user in the organization.

Advanced BEC Scam Campaign Targeting Executives on O365

Mitiga spotted a sophisticated, advanced business email compromise (BEC) campaign, directly targeting relevant executives of organizations (mostly CEOs and CFOs) using Office 365.

Real-World Cloud Attacks: Still Hitting the Fan!

Recent cloud-based attack headlines remain front-and-center in the cybersecurity community, adding to the relevance of analysis and guidance provided by Mitiga Co-Founder and CTO Ofer Maor in his recent BrightTALK Webcast, It's Getting Real & Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks.

Google Workspace - Log Insights to Your Threat Hunt

Google Workspace is a popular service for document collaboration for organizations and for individual users. Threat actors note that the popularity of this service is increased, and search for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, so it is important to know how to hunt for threats in Google Workspace.

Just What is “Proactive Forensic Data Acquisition” Anyway?

It isn’t just anti-virus blind spots that hinder cybersecurity team efforts to safeguard organizational assets from threat actors. Veteran incident management analysts will tell you many detection tools also have blind spots that can lead to incomplete investigations and incorrect conclusions.

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