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Are You Ready for a Breach in Your Organization's Slack

As Slack becomes a dominant part of the infrastructure in your organization, it will increasingly become a target for cyberattacks and at some point, it is likely to be breached — just like any other technology that we use.


Supercharging Your SOC Team’s Cloud Capabilities

Enterprise tech stacks have shifted. Architecture that used to be contained on premises, now is spread across multiple public clouds and literally hundreds of SaaS applications.


Top Security Challenges of Cloud Environments

Cloud and SaaS have changed cybersecurity in some fundamental ways. To continue to strengthen your organization's security posture, it's important to understand the unique security challenges these environments create. Discover five of the most pressing issues facing cloud-driven enterprises today and get insights on how to grow your cloud resilience.


5 Ways to Reduce the Threat Posed by Cloud-Aware Ransomware

Get recommendations to make your organization’s cloud environment more ransomware-resistant and decrease the response effort.


Ransomware Readiness: Protecting Your Enterprise Against Today’s Most Dangerous Cyberthreats

The growing ransomware threat means that organizations are now confronting cyber risks of remarkable size and scope. Recent high-profile events have increased awareness of the problem.


9 Fundamental Ways Incident Response Is Different in the Cloud

This whitepaper examines the unique challenges of incident response in the cloud and provides security leaders with essential insights to effectively deal with critical cloud incidents.

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