Mitiga Security Team

Mitiga Security Team

Incident Response & Research

Mitiga's team of incident response experts and researchers work together to provide valuable information to the community.

Samsung Next Invests In Mitiga, Brings Total Funding to $45M

Mitiga, the cloud and SaaS incident response leader, today announced the completion of a Series A Round bringing total funding to $45 million led by ClearSky Security, with participation from Samsung Next and existing investors Blackstone, Atlantic Bridge and DNX.

Mitiga is Cooperating with Law Enforcement on a Global Business Email Compromise (BEC) Campaign that Has Netted Over $15M

Mitiga uncovered a widespread and well-executed Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaign in which cybercriminals are impersonating senior executives using Office 365’s email services in order to intercept sensitive communications and then alter wire transfer details and redirect funds to rogue bank accounts.

Customer Advisory Kaseya VSA Ransomware Incident

Kaseya, an IT management software provider, notified its customers of a possible security breach in the Kaseya Virtual System Administrator Product. Kaseya has indicated that the number of victims is around 1000s, though the number may increase, at least 36,000 Kaseya customers took their servers offline.

How to Beat the Cubans in the Cuba Ransomware Gang

The Cuba Ransomware Gang is a group that hijacks information and blackmails companies to pay in Bitcoin or watch the exfiltrated private information leaked for all to see.

Mitiga Featured by The Startup Pill as Best Cloud Security Startup 2020, Cyber Security Startups to Watch 2021

The Startup Pill recently recognized Mitiga in two articles highlighting exceptional startups in the cyber security industry.The publication put together a list of the 89 Best Cloud Security Startups Of 2020, and Mitiga is number nine on the list!

Mitiga Advisory on Virus Total

A malicious .docx file was uploaded to Virus Total that uses several of Mitiga’s publicly available branding elements including logo, fonts, and colors, to lend credibility to the document. Mitiga was not breached, though the file was created by a threat actor, most likely for use as part of phishing or malware spreading campaigns.

Security Advisory: Mitiga Recommends All AWS Customers Running Community AMIs to Verify Them for Malicious Code

Based on recent research and analysis, Mitiga issued a global advisory, warning AWS customers running EC2 instances based on Community AMIs (Amazon Machine Instances), from potentially embedded malicious code. We strongly advise verifying their security before continuing using these instances.