From Gartner | Emerging Tech: The Future of Cloud-Native Security Operations...
From Gartner | Emerging Tech: The Future of Cloud-Native Security Operations...
From Gartner: Emerging Tech: The Future of Cloud-Native Security Operations:
From Gartner: Emerging Tech: The Future of Cloud-Native Security Operations
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Mitiga, the cloud and SaaS incident response leader, today announced that Cisco Investments has made a strategic investment in the company. The funding will help support significant market adoption among the many transforming enterprises seeking modern security solutions for their cloud and SaaS environments. Mitiga is at the forefront of a new wave in cloud investigation and response capabilities, providing the industry’s only complete Cloud Investigation and Response Automation (CIRA) solution: IR2. This proactive approach to incident response delivers the capabilities required to shut down breaches across cloud and SaaS environments.

“We are thrilled to add Cisco Investments to our group of investors and see it as a huge opportunity to have a larger influence on the CIRA market,” stated Tal Mozes, co-founder and CEO of Mitiga. “I’ve been in the cybersecurity industry for over 25 years, and during that time there have been few advancements in the ways companies handle incident response (IR). Prior to Mitiga entering the market, IR was only offered as a professional service which is not compatible with a modern architecture that includes cloud and SaaS applications. Today, incident response needs to deliver faster response times, reduced investigation overhead and continuous attack detection. We look forward to working with Cisco to continue delivering modern solutions that help companies minimize the impact of inevitable cloud and SaaS related breaches.”

Recognizing the need for a new set of solutions, Gartner® recently defined CIRA as “an emerging technology that forensically collects, analyzes and applies analytics and machine learning on cloud and various forensic data sources. The defining goal of these offerings is to forensically analyze incidents, find and collect related files, and correlate log events in support of comprehensive investigations of confirmed threats. These tools are also leveraged for human resource violations, legal cases, and data breach events for legal cases or law enforcement.”1

Mitiga provides the industry’s only complete CIRA solution, to simplify and dramatically accelerate cloud and SaaS breach investigations, offering cloud-driven companies a new level of cyber and organizational resilience.

Mitiga's IR2 platform performs continuous hunts for emerging attacks based on the company’s constantly growing cloud attack scenario library (CASL), the industry’s first and only database dedicated to cloud and SaaS multi-vector hunts. When a breach occurs, IR2 provides instant answers by proactively gathering, organizing, and analyzing forensic-level data, and delivering insights in a single pane of glass. By enabling ongoing readiness and compressing the investigation time from weeks or months to hours, Mitiga's solution reduces recovery time and incident-related damage—getting customers back to business fast.

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October 17, 2023

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