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Healthcare Technology Company Emergency Incident Response

A healthcare technology company deployed on AWS infrastructure experienced multiple incidents spanning a period of three months.

Global Technology Company Incident Response Brief

A well-known global technology company on AWS infrastructure had unknown server vulnerabilities that allowed adversaries to gain easy access to their Confluence servers. As their Incident Response partner, Mitiga performed an immediate incident response.

5 Ways Cloud Incident Response Is Different (& How to Get Ready)

Learn five ways cloud incident response is different and how a readiness approach can help you get back to business as usual fast

Mitiga IR² Solution Brief

 IR² is a game-changing incident readiness and response solution that prepares an organization for its worst moment: a breach. 

7 Best Practices for Cloud Incident Response

Regardless of the specific details of a breach, organizations must be prepared to respond when one occurs. The more organizations move applications and services to the cloud, the more it is important to plan for cloud incident response. These seven best practices will help you get started.

Blue Team Exercises

Mitiga’s Blue Team Exercises help organizations operating in complex cloud environments improve confidence in internal capabilities to detect, respond to, and remediate threats.

Mitiga Overview

Organizations rely on Mitiga technology and services to lower the impact of cyber breaches and optimize their cloud security incident readiness and resilience by dramatically accelerating investigation, response, and time to recovery for cloud and hybrid environments.

10 Recommendations for Your Organization to Increase Readiness Following the Okta Breach

Okta, an industry leader in identity and access management, was breached and the potential impact for the industry may be very high. Here are 10 actionable recommendations you can use to increase your breach readiness.

How a Cybersecurity Awareness Program Can Empower Employees and Increase Security

In cybersecurity there is certainly awareness and training, but technology and policies are also in place to help manage risks, assist in prevention, and detect anomalies. However, the common and often easy initial access vector remains users.

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