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How a Cybersecurity Awareness Program Can Empower Employees and Increase Security

In cybersecurity there is certainly awareness and training, but technology and policies are also in place to help manage risks, assist in prevention, and detect anomalies. However, the common and often easy initial access vector remains users.

How Do You Successfully Deliver Management Training in a Hybrid World?

Over the last year we have had hyper growth at Mitiga — we went from 20 employees in the beginning of 2021, to 75 today. This growth created a new layer of team leads, many of whom were promoted internally into management roles.

Rethinking zero-day vulnerabilities vs. one-days to increase readiness

Because zero-day vulnerabilities are announced before security researchers and software developers have a patch available, zero-day vulnerabilities pose a critical risk to organizations as criminals race to exploit them. Similarly, vulnerable systems are exposed until a patch is issued and applied.

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Around the Web

Building Cyber Resilience as You Adopt SaaS and Cloud Technologies

Mitiga Co-Founder and CEO Tal Mozes recently authored this Cyber Resilience feature article for the latest issue of CIISec’s Pulse publication.

5 Ways Organizations Can Increase Readiness and Resilience To Avoid a Major Crisis When a Breach Occurs

Amazon RDS snapshots allow extensive leakage of personally identifiable information (PII)

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eBooks & Whitepapers

Ransomware Readiness: Protecting Your Enterprise Against Today’s Most Dangerous Cyberthreats

The growing ransomware threat means that organizations are now confronting cyber risks of remarkable size and scope. Recent high-profile events have increased awareness of the problem.

9 Fundamental Ways Incident Response Is Different in the Cloud

This whitepaper examines the unique challenges of incident response in the cloud and provides security leaders with essential insights to effectively deal with critical cloud incidents.

5 Ways to Reduce the Threat Posed by Cloud-Aware Ransomware

Get recommendations to make your organization’s cloud environment more ransomware-resistant and decrease the response effort.

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On-Demand Webinars

Objective-Based Incident Management – Making Decisions Faster and with Confidence

During a critical incident, time is in short supply, and you need to make informed decisions quickly. But the facts are often elusive, and decisions are occasionally reduced all the way down to a risk-based-game of Jenga.

It's Getting Real & Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks

Cloud attacks are getting real and hitting the fan! In the past year we’ve led forensics investigations for some very interesting cloud incidents and are now ready to share them with the world. Watch this webinar with Ofer Maor, Mitiga CTO, to learn more.

Threat Detection & Response Tools: What Do All Those IR Buzzwords Mean?

In this webinar, Ofer Maor, co-founder and CTO at Mitiga, will walk through terminology, technologies, and history of incident response and monitoring. Register now to join Ofer on August 30.

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Product Information

Top 5 New Security Challenges in the Cloud

Innovation is both driving and fueling the shift to cloud, so make sure you're aware of these cloud security challenges and how to be ready if or when an incident occurs in your cloud environment.

Mitiga Overview

Organizations rely on Mitiga technology and services to lower the impact of cyber breaches and optimize their cloud security incident readiness and resilience by dramatically accelerating investigation, response, and time to recovery for cloud and hybrid environments.

Mitiga Incident Readiness & Response (IR²) Solution Brief

 IR² is a game-changing incident readiness and response solution that prepares an organization for its worst moment: a breach. 

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Threat Research

Google Cloud Platform Exfiltration: A Threat Hunting Guide

If you’re wondering if the cloud era is here, you need only look at the latest stats. 67% of enterprise infrastructure is now cloud-based and 94% of enterprises use cloud services.1 It’s no wonder that public clouds like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have become a new playground for threat actors. There is a lot to exploit.

Google Workspace - Log Insights to Your Threat Hunt

Google Workspace is a popular service for document collaboration for organizations and for individual users. Threat actors note that the popularity of this service is increased, and search for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, so it is important to know how to hunt for threats in Google Workspace.

Oops, I Leaked It Again — How Mitiga Found PII in Exposed Amazon RDS Snapshots

A recent Mitiga Research Team investigation found the well-regarded Amazon Relational Database Service is leaking PII via exposed RDS Snapshots.

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Case Studies

Mitiga Investigates, Remediates Breach through Third-Party Plugin

This global eCommerce company identified a breach in their environment through a third-party plugin. Attackers had considerable time to access our customer’s code, so it was essential to quickly evaluate the potential impact.

Mitiga Delivers Emergency Incident Response, Rapid Extortionware Resolution

This global financial services provider is an IR² subscriber that operates fully in the cloud. Following the report of an Okta breach, the company’s cybersecurity team had understandable concerns about the potential impacts.

International Software Company Incident Response

A software company on AWS infrastructure found a ransom note left in their MongoDB database. They contacted Mitiga to perform incident response for a data leak and ransomware.

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