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Top 5 New Security Challenges in the Cloud

Innovation is both driving and fueling the shift to cloud, so make sure you're aware of these cloud security challenges and how to be ready if or when an incident occurs in your cloud environment.

Mitiga Overview

Organizations rely on Mitiga technology and services to lower the impact of cyber breaches and optimize their cloud security incident readiness and resilience by dramatically accelerating investigation, response, and time to recovery for cloud and hybrid environments.

Mitiga Incident Readiness & Response (IR²) Solution Brief

 IR² is a game-changing incident readiness and response solution that prepares an organization for its worst moment: a breach. 

Mitiga IR² Incident Readiness Data Sheet

Delivering Peacetime Value to Enhance Organizational Cloud and SaaS IR Processes with Mitiga

Mitiga IR² Forensic Data Acquisition

Mitiga IR² Forensic Data Acquisition Brings Readiness to Cloud-based Incident Response

Mitiga Cloud Resilience Package

With our IR² Cloud Readiness and Resilience packages, Mitiga has further enhanced cloud IR options for today’s global organizations by including onboarding activities that help our customers get ahead of breaches before the next occurrence and quickly return to business-as-usual operations. 

Mitiga Cloud Readiness Package

Our baseline Cloud Readiness package delivers value today by enhancing your in-house incident response team’s preparedness before breaches occur. Our Cloud Resilience package includes services that enable customers to immediately respond to breaches, with a rapid return to business-as-usual operations.

Blue Team Exercises

Mitiga’s Blue Team Exercises help organizations operating in complex cloud environments improve confidence in internal capabilities to detect, respond to, and remediate threats.

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