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What is the Spring4Shell exploit? An overview of the Spring vulnerability

Spring is a Java framework for dependency injection and Model-View-Controller (MVC) web development. Spring is a very popular framework; over 6,000 other libraries use the "spring-beans" library (according to Maven Central). Spring4Shell, a new exploit in Spring, was just disclosed.

10 Recommendations for Your Organization to Increase Readiness Following the Okta Breach

We all woke up recently to a security nightmare. Okta, an industry leader in identity and access management is potentially breached and the impact for the industry may be very high. Here are 10 actionable recommendations you can share, but please let us know if you have more so that we can add them to this list.

Understanding Your Okta Logs to Hunt for Evidence of an Okta Breach

As the Okta breach event is still unfolding, it is unclear how far this breach may propagate and what influence it has on Okta customers. It is, however, extremely likely that any such potential abuse will leave traces in Okta logs (as well as other logs of potentially compromised systems). But Okta logs are not easy to investigate, so you need to know where to start your research.

How a Cybersecurity Awareness Program Can Empower Employees and Increase Security

Cybersecurity awareness is different from other types of cybersecurity. In cybersecurity there is certainly awareness and training, but technology and policies are also in place to help manage risks, assist in prevention, and detect anomalies. However, the common and often easy initial access vector remains users.

Here's Why Traditional Incident Response Doesn’t Work in the Cloud

Traditional incident response (IR) learned from on-premises investigations doesn’t work in the cloud. Today's threat actors are finding misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to allow them to penetrate cloud environments.

Ready or Not: Russian Attack on Ukraine Brings Global Cybersecurity Impacts

The Russian military strategy is often described as a strategy of “active defense.” This means that their strategy includes both the preventative measures taken before a conflict breaks out and the tenets for conducting the war.

What are the dangers of lateral movement in a hybrid environment?

Lateral movement cyberattacks are among the greatest threats cyber security faces today. Whether a company's network exists primarily in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid cloud environment, there are lateral movement attack techniques designed to exploit vulnerabilities unique to each environment.

The ultimate cybercriminal gift list: undisclosed zero-day vulnerabilities

Over the last few months, everyone has been busy patching — seeking to close the loophole most learned about when the a patch was released for Log4j 2.15.0 for Java 8 users to address the remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2021-44228, a previously undisclosed zero-day vulnerability.

Rethinking zero-day vulnerabilities vs. one-days to increase readiness

Because zero-day vulnerabilities are announced before security researchers and software developers have a patch available, zero-day vulnerabilities pose a critical risk to organizations as criminals race to exploit them. Similarly, vulnerable systems are exposed until a patch is issued and applied.

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