Mitiga IR²

The game-changing incident readiness and response solution

Cloud Incident Response Requires a Different Approach

IR2 is a game-changing incident readiness and response solution that prepares an organization for its worst moment: a breach.

By proactively collecting and analyzing cloud forensics data and using a dynamic-readiness approach, Mitiga automates the majority of the forensics process, providing our expert crisis management team the tools needed to begin incident investigation immediately, without time-consuming data acquisition delays

Mitiga Platform Connectors

Here's what The IR² Solution does:

IR2 proactively collects and analyzes cloud forensics data, enabling a dynamic-readiness approach that automates the majority of the forensics process,  so that our expert crisis management team can immediately begin incident investigation.
Ongoing Forensics Storage

Platform captures and enriches forensics data combined with automation to discover leads and top security researches get to incident recovery as fast as possible

Crisis Management Dashboard

Continuous visibility into the incident across people, teams, time, and 3rd party organizations in a single place to allow rapid and accurate decision making during a crisis

No Extra Charge for Incident Response

Mitiga Mitiga prepares IR² customers for cloud and hybrid incidents. Because IR² customers are ready and more resilient there is no extra charge for Incident Response

Increased Resiliency

Through proactively collecting and storing forensics data and running exercises to improve readiness, Mitiga IR² customers become more resilient to future attacks and bounce back faster

Preparation Starts
Before the Boom

Mitiga’s shared responsibility approach, automated investigation tools, crisis management platform, and world-class incident response team accelerates the investigation, response, and recovery stages and increases our customers’ resiliency for a future attack.

Mitiga Platform Lines of Effort

Forensics Data

Mitiga captures, stores, and processes comprehensive cloud forensic data so our experts can analyze that data quickly and efficiently, resolving incidents rapidly.

Mitiga Platform Forensics Data

Expert Incident Responders

Access to world-class incident responders with expertise in complex cloud environments, available 24/7, accelerates investigation and insight.

Mitiga Platform Incident Responders

Subscription Plans

Choose the annual subscription that best fits your needs. All subscriptions include forensic collection, storage, and analysis; access to our Crisis Management Dashboard during an active incident; and incident response support.
IR² Cloud

Readiness & Response for cloud only

IR² Hybrid

Readiness & Response for cloud and on-prem environments.


Cloud Incident Readiness plus No Additional Cost Cloud Incident Response equals Cloud Incident Responsibility