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Mitiga’s next-gen approach to incident response (IR) dramatically accelerates your cloud breach investigations—leaving the old methods of IR in the dust. So, if your enterprise relies on the cloud and SaaS, you should rely on Mitiga for your incident response.

7 More Reasons to Choose Mitiga as your IR Partner

1. With Mitiga, you’ll always be investigation-ready.
You gather plenty of data, but that doesn’t mean you have the right telemetry for forensic-level investigation when a cloud incident happens. Mitiga proactively assembles, organizes and analyzes all the logs you need from across your cloud and SaaS environments, so you’re always ready to respond.

2. Breach-related answers, at the boom.
When you’re breached, everyone needs answers to the same questions. But with traditional incident response, it takes days and weeks to gather the data needed to investigate. That’s too long.

3. Mitiga’s managed threat hunts strengthen your security posture. 
The cloud and SaaS have become popular places for today's attackers. With every new exploit, we build upon our Cloud Attack Scenario Library (CASL)— the only industry’s only multi-vector attack library—and use real-world scenarios to run continual hunts for our customers.

4. You can finally control your IR investment. 
Mitiga’s subscription-based model, with unlimited IR support for your internal teams, means that the unpredictable cost spikes of time-and-materials are a thing of the past. Our IR2 solution is so much faster that it helps reduce the loss ratio and the need to claim against your insurance policy—supporting your expenses and bottom line.

5. Great cloud and SaaS responders are hard to find. 
Incident responders with cloud and SaaS experience are few and far between—but we’ve collected a team of the industry’s best here at Mitiga. All our customers receive personalized support, extending their in-house capabilities and making up for talent that enterprises can’t find or afford to keep on staff. 

6. We make your IR orchestration a whole lot simpler. 
Most cloud investigations are carried out through a cobbled-together collection of spreadsheets. Not with Mitiga. Our IR2 platform provides an easy-to-use, single source of truth to keep all your stakeholders informed.

7. We’re a partner you can count on—continually.
Customers like Lemonade and Blackstone trust us to be at their side with the expertise and commitment to ensure that they are cloud breach-ready, responsive and resilient. 
Need even more reasons to choose Mitiga?
Get the facts on IR2, our next-generation approach to cloud incident response or better yet, request a demo.