Microsoft Storm-0558 SaaS Breach: Hunting for Stealth Espionage Attacks


In an ever-changing cyber landscape, the recent exploit by China-based threat actor, Storm-0558, highlights the need for constant vigilance. The threat actor exploited a compromised encryption key (MSA key) to target Microsoft Exchange Online, forge access tokens, manipulate the token verification process, and extract unclassified data from victim mailboxes.

A Mitiga, we build a cloud and SaaS Forensic Data Lake for customers so that they are prepared in moments like this one. By having the historic forensic data ready and available for investigation, we were able to quickly hunt for indicators of this type of attack including seeking out IP addresses used to access user emails with a forged authentication token or as part of supporting infrastructure. Taking this kind of proactive approach ensures we have a complete hunting ground to root out assailants and enables a rapid response—allowing us to secure our clients' environments thoroughly and quickly. Where Cloud and SaaS are concerned, this should be the new standard.

Remember that concealment is the mode of operation for these espionage attacks. The pressing issue, therefore, is not only whether you are susceptible to this type of attack, but, more importantly, whether an attacker has already breached your environment and is currently operating within it. At Mitiga, we provide our clients with the reassurance that their environment is secure, even when hidden dangers are present.

Stay Informed. Stay vigilant.

If you want to learn more about how your enterprise could be strengthening your preparedness to be ready for these types of exploits, contact us.

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