IR² - Incident Readiness & Response

Cloud Incident Response Requires a Proactive Approach

Mitiga IR² provides a managed, proactive solution for cloud Incident readiness and response. We acquire all the forensics-required data in advance, analyze it, and perform automated, continuous cloud forensics investigations to lower the response time and breach impact to the bare minimum, thereby building organizational resilience to any breach in its cloud environments.

IR² - Cloud Incident Readiness & Resilience Connector

Mitiga IR² Essentials

Our Incident Readiness and Response solution enables organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from breaches faster than any other Cloud IR solution on the market.
Mitiga IR² - Born in the Cloud,    for the Cloud
"Born in the Cloud, for the Cloud"

IR² cloud platform  seamlessly integrates with many  Cloud service Providers and   SaaS offerings — and our  agent-less  architecture eases  deployment and scalability  

Onboarding By Mitiga Cloud Experts
Onboarding By Mitiga Cloud Experts

Automated check of   your forensics data  completeness,  forensic data acquisition  and retention, and IR²  management and  orchestration platform access  

Industry’s fastest Cloud IR
Industry’s fastest Cloud IR

Our proactive  cloud IR approach  
delivers world-leading  SLA and speedy response — up to 90% faster than  traditional IR

Proactive Breach Investigation
Proactive Breach Investigation

Mitiga’s platform  continually runs  hunts against  customer forensics  data to either provide  a “clean check” or  IR based on our  ever-expanding  Cloud Attack Scenario  Library (CASL)

Enhancing Cloud Readiness and Resilience  

Traditional IR is time consuming. On-prem IR often requires installing endpoint solutions to collect network traffic to be analyzed by forensics experts. The collection can take days and weeks. Then, experts analyze the data for each customer, but that knowledge is not transferred automatically to other customers. There is also a need for different types of reporting — such as real-time status updates, technical instructions for IT, legal team reporting, and working with PR teams and other stakeholders — and that all makes the IR sluggish and slow.  

Mitiga fixes all that by proactively collecting all forensics data, so investigation can start on the word “go.” Investigations are automated and run on multiple customers’ environments simultaneously. Our platform generates all required types of reporting in near real-time, enhancing situational awareness.  Moreover, Mitiga’s platform helps organizations manage and keep track of how well prepared they are to respond to different types of cloud breaches.  

IR² Cloud Readiness Package

Mitiga delivers a next-level, proactive approach for enhancing organizational cloud IR readiness before breaches occur in your CSP and SaaS environments.

Mitiga IR² Platform Access

Mitiga IR² Platform Access

Onboard stakeholders with access to cloud IR situational awareness platform

Forensic Data Readiness

Forensic Data Readiness

Proactively capture required  forensics data, while checking  its completeness and  availability  

Global Threat Hunts

Global Threat Hunts

Leverage our global-event hunting automation to save critical time checking your environment and identifying applicable  remediation

IR² Cloud Resilience Package

Our managed Cloud Resilience solution includes our Cloud Readiness baseline, as well as solutions that enable customers to immediately respond to breaches and return to business as usual quickly.

Proactive Threat Hunts

Proactive Threat Hunts

Apply Mitiga platform to hunt  for organizational Indicators of  Compromise based on our CASL

Unlimited Cloud IR

Unlimited Cloud IR

Industry-leading Cloud IR,  with 1-to-4 hour SLA  

Annual Tabletop Exercise

Annual Tabletop Exercise

Assess IR management maturity in  large-scale organizations

Breach Readiness    Assessment

Breach Readiness Assessment

Validate approach,  identify gaps, and  recommend improvements

IR Plan Review

IR Plan Review

Review organizational IR  environment, security solutions,  and governance

It’s time to rethink your cloud IR solution

Forensic Data Collectors

The IR² platform seamlessly integrates with CSP and SaaS environments, providing proactive forensic data collection that takes advantage of our agentless design to ease cloud deployment, scalability, and performance.
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Google Workspace
Office 365
VMware Carbon Black
MongoDB Atlas
Amazon GuardDuty

Cloud Incident Readiness + No Additional Cost Cloud Incident Response = Increased Cyber Resilience