Mitiga's IR² Solution Delivers Proactive, Continuous Breach Investigation -- Powered by Forensics as Code™

NEW YORK, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitiga, the cloud incident response company, today released significant new capabilities in its IR² platform, increasing organizations' readiness for and resilience to critical cloud, SaaS, and hybrid cybersecurity incidents. This solution enables organizations to dramatically increase their readiness for future attacks and to respond rapidly and recover effectively when attacks occur.

According to SonicWall's 2022 Cyber Threat Report, cyberattacks increased in nearly every category in 2021, from encrypted threats to ransomware attacks and everything in between. This data makes it clearer than ever that cyberattacks — and responding to them quickly — are an expected part of operations for organizations of all sizes and types today.

While organizations can block many types of attacks and detect others, the harsh truth is that some attacks go unnoticed, and breaches inevitably happen. Knowing this, organizations all over the world are adopting a forward-looking breach readiness approach, which is critical to quickly recover from breaches and significantly reduce financial risks.

The Mitiga IR² platform continuously collects, transforms, and stores critical forensic data from over 30 cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. It then leverages Mitiga's unique Forensics as Code™ technology to query this data. During peacetime, Mitiga's IR² solution uses Forensics as Code to check each customer's forensic data and proactively hunt for and investigate potential breaches. When a breach occurs, it is used to automate large parts of the investigation.

"We are excited to announce Forensics as Code, which is utilized to codify and then reuse generic elements of breach investigation and forensic analysis. This combination of technology and practice allows us to achieve automation at cloud scale, while preserving modularity and a customer-centric tailored approach," said Or Mattatia, Mitiga Head of Product.

The latest release of IR² also includes:

  • Breach Readiness dashboard to give subscribers at-a-glance insights into the state of readiness at their organization
  • Continuous Forensic Data Acquisition of the unique forensic data necessary to investigate and respond to cloud incidents, securely stored for extended periods of time
  • Proactive breach investigation leveraging Forensics as Code
Mitiga's Breach Readiness Dashboard

IR² helps enterprises prepare and respond better when attacks occur in cloud environments, informing faster recovery, reducing mean time to recovery (MTTR), and aiding a rapid return to business as usual. IR² provides customers with the peace of mind that when cybercriminals attack their essential cloud applications or services, incident response is effective and fast.

"Cyberattackers have become increasingly sophisticated, adopting new technologies to attack and extort organizations," said Ofer Maor, Mitiga Co-Founder and CTO. "And as more companies migrate to the cloud, it becomes increasingly critical for them to embrace the technology and automation that will help them navigate today's dangerous threat landscape."

IR² subscribers now have vital incident readiness support and guidance, the historic forensic data collected to analyze a cyberattack quickly, and the innovative capabilities of Forensics as Code to deliver proactive, continuous breach investigation to further improve readiness, resilience, and recovery from a critical incident.

To learn more about IR² and how you can increase cloud incident readiness in your organization, visit Moscone North booth #4208 at RSA Conference June 6-9 in San Francisco and join Ofer Maor on Thursday, June 9 from 9:40 - 10:30 AM PT, where he will be presenting "It's Getting Real and Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks."

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Mitiga's technology and services lower the impact of cyber breaches and optimize readiness for cloud and hybrid incidents and accelerate both response and recovery times when incidents occur. Importantly, Mitiga's readiness prioritization also increases resiliency for future incidents. Mitiga's shared-responsibility model is unique. Unlike others, who charge additional fees for incident response and recovery, Mitiga subscribers face no add-on fees. For more information, visit

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