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Needing a New Level of Incident Response Skill

A cloud-native services company possessed both innovative technology and a strong commitment to its customers that were helping it succeed and grow. In a crowded tech space, their future looked bright. 

Continuing the trajectory of their success required not only great products and solid customer service, but they also needed to ensure that both their cloud-delivered services and customer data remained secure. 

This was no easy task for a lean team. The company's security staff was small, and they lacked the incident response (IR) capabilities that would allow them to effectively manage incidents when they occurred. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recognized these organizational gaps and knew that filling them was a priority so that the company could effectively manage its cyber risk. 

Seeking an IR Partner with Deep Cloud Expertise

The CISO knew that their organization needed to possess the ability to thoroughly investigate breaches, and they also needed a sound methodology to recover quickly and effectively from critical incidents. They sought out a provider who could be a true partner, extending their capabilities and providing the confidence needed to face mounting cyber risks. 

Initially they sought out an IR provider to partner with in a traditional retainer model. However, after considerable research, they didn't feel that the vendors they spoke with were fit-for-purpose or that the providers understood their organization's unique cloud and security requirements well enough to support them. They needed a different kind of IR partner. 

Mitiga's IR2 Delivers Advanced Cloud Investigation Abilities

During his continued research, the CISO learned about Mitiga‘s proactive SaaS-based approach and quickly became a subscriber. The on-boarding process included understanding and mapping their environments, identifying the assets that were most mission critical to their business, and ensuring the right forensic data was being collected on a continuing basis and analyzed.

A Complete Forensic Picture to Speed Breach Response 

Because IR2 ingested forensics data from across the company's cloud and SaaS environments, they finally possessed a single, complete picture of the data required for breach investigations, including the relevant logs, configuration snap shots, historical snapshots, and more. This increased visibility and new source of insights dramatically accelerated incident investigations. This same data also became the foundation for IR drills and exercises, helping to elevate the security team's cloud incident response skill sets, as well their breach readiness.

Learn how Mitiga’s SaaS and cloud threat hunting capabilities can support your security and enhance your organizational resilience.

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