Tal Mozes

Tal Mozes

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tal is a serial-entrepreneur with multiple exits, including Hacktics, acquired by Ernst & Young. As Partner at EY, Tal headed EMEA Cyber Threat Management for the financial sector. He also led EY’s Americas Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence.

What the Wiz Acquisition of Gem Security Means for the Future of Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response

It’s official: Gem Security is joining CNAPP decacorn Wiz. Acquisitions in tech do not happen by accident, but rather because giants in the industry recognize the gaps they need to fill as rapidly as possible. In this blog, I will explain what this acquisition means for the future of cloud security so you understand where the industry is headed and what questions you should be thinking about as you selectively choose cloud security vendors.

Think You Have All the Cloud Forensics Data You Need? You Probably Don't

Logs are everywhere—the digital records of events and actions that have taken place in every hardware system, application and network. All of your digital environments generate a log of some form.

Why the Implementation of CIRA is so Important for Incident Response

Incident response for cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) requires new capabilities. Gartner® has released its recent report entitled “Emerging Tech: Security — Cloud Investigation and Response Automation Offers Transformation Opportunities.”

How to NOT pay ransomware and live to tell the tale

Ransomware is out of control. So, what can organizations actually do to deal with this tidal wave of attacks? It’s time for organizations to ask themselves the question, “Are we ransomware ready?” And then think about what ransomware readiness really looks like.

Golden Time During Cloud Transitions

In cloud transitions, the goal is move business processes from an on-premises environment to a cloud-based environment. Inevitably, as the transition progresses, some business processes are fully transferred while others are still in flux. It’s during this transition period that organizations are at risk.

How CEOs Can Embrace ‘The Cloud’ Without Compromising Security

While security should be top of mind for every business, it shouldn’t become a barrier preventing organizations from adopting cloud platforms. Provided you are prepared and take the necessary measures to properly protect data, you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without compromising information security.

4 Common Challenges Enterprises Face As They Move to the Cloud

Enterprises moving to the cloud from legacy data centers face many security challenges in making that transition, most notably the following four challenges.