Or Mattatia

Or Mattatia

VP Product

Or is Head of Product at Mitiga and an experienced product innovator. He brings 14+ years of experience in cybersecurity, tech leadership, entrepreneurship and product management. He is highly involved in Tel Aviv’s tech scene and serves as a board member and co-founder of several initiatives. Or is also the CTO of Israel’s largest tech nonprofit.

10 Recommendations for Your Organization to Increase Readiness Following the Okta Breach

We all woke up recently to a security nightmare. Okta, an industry leader in identity and access management is potentially breached and the impact for the industry may be very high. Here are 10 actionable recommendations you can share, but please let us know if you have more so that we can add them to this list.

Log4Shell - Everything in one place

Security teams all over the world are rushing to deal with the new critical zero-day vulnerability called Log4Shell. This vulnerability in Apache Log4j, a popular open-source Java logging library, has the potential to enable threat actors to compromise systems at scale.