Lionel Saposnik

Lionel Saposnik

Squad Leader in Incident Response & Research

As a former Squad Leader in the Mitiga Incident Response & Research team, Lionel R. Saposnik was a primary author of this Amazon RDS blog. After exiting 9 years of conducting red team, pentesting, and research work over a variety of technologies, he joined Mitiga to focus on investigating incidents and forensic data. Investigation and research for useful artifacts can be used for today's environments, which are based on cloud provider's infrastructure.

Oops, I Leaked It Again — How Mitiga Found PII in Exposed Amazon RDS Snapshots

A recent Mitiga Research Team investigation found the well-regarded Amazon Relational Database Service is leaking PII via exposed RDS Snapshots.

Google Workspace - Log Insights to Your Threat Hunt

Google Workspace is a popular service for document collaboration for organizations and for individual users. Threat actors note that the popularity of this service is increased, and search for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, so it is important to know how to hunt for threats in Google Workspace.

Understanding Your Okta Logs to Hunt for Evidence of an Okta Breach

As the Okta breach event is still unfolding, it is unclear how far this breach may propagate and what influence it has on Okta customers. It is, however, extremely likely that any such potential abuse will leave traces in Okta logs (as well as other logs of potentially compromised systems). But Okta logs are not easy to investigate, so you need to know where to start your research.