IR2 Essentials

See what makes Mitiga’s IR2 the future of SaaS and cloud incident response
cloud platform seamlessly integrates with many CSP and SaaS offering
Born in the Cloud, for the Cloud

IR2 seamlessly integrates with many CSP and SaaS environments—and our agentless design eases deployment and scalability.

Onboarding By Mitiga Cloud Experts
An Expert-Enabled Solution

We work with you to ensure that you acquire and retain all the forensic-level cloud and SaaS telemetry you need to answer vital, incident-related questions.

Industry’s fastest Cloud IR
Industry’s-Fastest Cloud IR Answers

Don’t wait days or weeks for log collection after a breach. With IR2, you can begin investigation at the boom, with forensic-level insights at the ready.

Proactive Breach Investigation
Proactive Threat Hunts

IR2 continually runs hunts against customer forensic data to either provide a “clean check” or immediately commence investigation based on our ever-expanding Cloud Attack Scenario Library (CASL).