How We Hired 10 Developers in a Highly Competitive Market during August and September


To tell you the full story, I want to go back a few months. Shiran and I were in a meeting, and we were both upset. It was the third time a candidate withdrew from the process at the offer stage in a single month. It felt like the worst hiring market we had ever seen. At that time, Shiran had just joined the company two months earlier. I reassured her that she was doing the right things — and if she continued her work in this way, we'd succeed.

Although I tried to be confident with her, I wasn’t sure it would work this time. I knew it had worked for me in the past, but the current market seemed harder than I’d ever seen it before. August was just ahead of us; the month that everyone is on vacation...

Lucky for us, Shiran took me seriously and continued her magnificent work...

Just one month later and we’re in a different situation, closing the tenth agreement with another excellent candidate who said yes!

Do you want to know the recipe for our magic?

We’re happy to share it with you:

  1. You must have the best Talent Acquisition Partner. Someone who understands the material, dedicates themself to success, acts fast, and communicates effectively with the team. The main reason for our success was Shiran! She made sure that we got enough CVs, supported the managers and the candidates, and was on top of things all the time.
  2. An R&D team committed to the process. Our R&D team is available for interviews and committed to updating the HR team right after the meeting.
  3. Collaboration. The recruitment team and the R&D team work as one team, sharing thoughts, explanations, and consulting with each other.
  4. The whole company was part of the process. We organized a LinkedIn party! Employees shared our positions in the network and approached our friends (and friends of friends).
  5. Agencies as partners to the process. @Gotfriends, @SQlink, and @Gloat helped us find the right people to join us.
  6. A successful company. It's easy to sell Mitiga: candidates understand the potential of the company. We have a wonderful team of smart and fun people, which creates a great culture to work and learn in.
  7. The process. Don’t neglect your process. If it's built the right way, things work well. We have a great process that is clear, easy, and quick but thorough.
  8. Candidate experience. All the new employees said that they had a wonderful experience during the interviews, the environment was very chill and nice, interviews were fun but challenging. The recruiter organized and managed the interview experience carefully.  

Those are the main tips we wanted to share that helped us achieve our goals, but of course the whole is bigger than its parts. Feel free to ask us any question that you have, and we will be happy to share more from our experience growing the team at Mitiga

See you in the next challenge!

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