Tim Boutin

Tim Boutin

Product Marketing Manager

Tim Boutin has served in Product Marketing, Product Management, Proposal Management functions at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups, across cybersecurity, service assurance, healthcare, and gaming verticals.

Making Sense of Today’s Threat Detection and Response Buzzword Landscape

Today’s CISOs and their collective security teams may well find they have wide-ranging considerations to factor regarding both current and next-generation threat detection and response tool investments. How can they make sense of today's threat detection and response buzzword landscape?

Real-World Cloud Attacks: Still Hitting the Fan!

Recent cloud-based attack headlines remain front-and-center in the cybersecurity community, adding to the relevance of analysis and guidance provided by Mitiga Co-Founder and CTO Ofer Maor in his recent BrightTALK Webcast, It's Getting Real & Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks.

Just What is “Proactive Forensic Data Acquisition” Anyway?

It isn’t just anti-virus blind spots that hinder cybersecurity team efforts to safeguard organizational assets from threat actors. Veteran incident management analysts will tell you many detection tools also have blind spots that can lead to incomplete investigations and incorrect conclusions.

When It Comes to Incident Response, It’s Time to Give Peacetime Value a Chance

There is an accepted notion in some corners of cybersecurity that maintains “there is no peacetime.” For many of us, that is a daunting premise — as it discounts extensive CISO efforts to extend multi-year investments in cybersecurity tools, innovation, and resources to address ongoing cyberattacks focused on business services transitioned to cloud and SaaS platforms.

Stop Ransomware Attackers From Getting Paid to Play Double-Extortionware Games

In the past, many companies relied on backups to get back to business quickly if they were attacked. Reliable, secure backups separated from the primary environment made it much more difficult for an attacker to access and encrypt them. That long-standing process no longer deters double-extortionware actors — instead, today’s attackers not only encrypt the data but also exfiltrate it.

Get Ransomware-Ready – How to Protect Your Business Against Today’s Most Dangerous Cyberthreats

It is hard to overstate the level of havoc generated on global enterprises by year-over-year increases in ransomware attacks. We can point to any number of analyst findings to substantiate this position, but the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report provides a credible, state-of-the-world snapshot.

Straight from the Mitiga RSAC booth: Your Cloud IR Planning Needs Readiness

Whether we were in the our exhibitor booth at RSA Conference, at the W Hotel for daily Happy Hour and Coffee Time socials, or in conversations following Thursday’s "It's Getting Real and Hitting the Fan! Real World Cloud Attacks” presentation by Ofer Maor, our co-founder and CTO, the energy was off the charts and the one-to-one exchanges rewarding. 

Don’t Believe Incident Response is Different in the Cloud? Let Us Count the 9 Ways

Your organization may well have already realized the improved technological efficiencies and reduced overhead promises of cloud migration — regardless of whether that move was designed as a phased model involving discrete workloads or services, a larger-scale transition, or a strategy based on using a mix of cloud providers across multiple geographies.