Tali Dgani Shapira

Tali Dgani Shapira

VP of Human Resources

Tali Dgani Shapira is a VP of Human Resources and an Organizational Consultant with over 15 years of diverse experience, mostly in global technology companies, including Mitiga, Constru, TravelSuit, Siemens, Mentor Graphics, and Netafim. She loves working in scaling up start-ups, meeting recruitment goals in a competitive market, developing a culture of employee involvement and cooperation, coaching managers, and improving welfare plans. She also established and leads the Lo Levad Bahalad and Managers 4 Managers communities, which focus on bridging the gap between the virtual world and the real world, connecting people based on common interests and values. Tali holds a BA in Economics and Psychology and an MBA Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University. She is a certified MCI Coacher and Group Facilitator.

How Do You Successfully Deliver Management Training in a Hybrid World?

Over the last year we have had hyper growth at Mitiga — we went from 20 employees in the beginning of 2021, to 75 today. This growth created a new layer of team leads, many of whom were promoted internally into management roles.

How We Hired 10 Developers in a Highly Competitive Market during August and September

This year we had aggressive hiring goals, and the job market was extremely tight. Our HR team faced a challenge - how to hire the right people into the Mitiga team - quickly - so we could achieve our business goals for the year. This is how we did it!