Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov

Cyber Security Specialist

Dan is a cybersecurity specialist at Mitiga. He recently conducted in-depth research into Okta logs as part of Mitiga's ongoing research.

Planning for Attacks: How to Hunt for Threats in BigQuery - Part 1

Because BigQuery stores so much sensitive data, it’s an extremely appealing target for threat actors, and our research showed ways to exfiltrate data. This information helps us better research critical incidents in environments that leverage BQ, so we can accelerate the IR process and help customers get back to business as usual.

Understanding Your Okta Logs to Hunt for Evidence of an Okta Breach

As the Okta breach event is still unfolding, it is unclear how far this breach may propagate and what influence it has on Okta customers. It is, however, extremely likely that any such potential abuse will leave traces in Okta logs (as well as other logs of potentially compromised systems). But Okta logs are not easy to investigate, so you need to know where to start your research.